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Viscosímetro de rotación de seis velocidades


viscosímetro de rotación de seis velocidades

Modelo: ZNN-D6

Especificaciones técnicas

Term Specifications
Power  supply AC 220V±5% 50Hz
Engine  power 7.5w/15w
Rotation  speed of engine 750/1500r/min
Speed 3,6,100,200,300,600r/min
Velocity gradient 5,10,170,340,511,1022
Measured  accuracy 1-25mPa.s±1mPa.s(Newtonian fluids)25mPa.s±4%(Newtonian fluids)
Viscosity test range Newton liquid:

1-300 mPa.s( F1 measuring assembly)

1-60mPa.s( F0.2 measuring assembly)

NonNewton liquid:

1~150 mPa.s(F1 measuring assembly)

1~30 mPa.s ( F0.2 measuring assembly)

Shear rate  0~153.3Pa(F1 measuring assembly)

0~30.7Pa(F0.2 measuring assembly)

Packing dimension 520*420*250mm
Net weight 12.6kg


Noted: F0.2 measuring assembly is optional parts, Normally equip F1 measuring assembly.

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