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Máquina de ensayo de Cable trenzado

Máquina de ensayo de Cable trenzado

Especificaciones técnicas

GWE-600B GWE-1000B GWA-600B GWA-1000B
Max test load 600kN 1000kN 600kN 1000kN
Load measuring range 2%~100%F.S
Testing Load indicating value relative error ≤±1%
Deformation accuracy ±0.5%F.S
Tension test space (mm) 1000
Compression test space (mm) 600
Clamping mode Automatic clamping
Round sample clamping diameter(mm) 15.20( others tailor made)
Upper lower platen size(mm) 204×204
Tension test two column distance(mm) 450 550 450 550
Net weight (kg) 2600 3000 2600 3000


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