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Horno de secado al vacío, Equipos de secado de laboratorio

horno de secado al vacío

Especificaciones técnicas

Modelo ZGX-6020 ZGX -6050 ZGX -6090 ZGX -6210 ZGX -6500
Power Supply AC220V    50HZ
Rango de temperatura RT+10~250
Temperature Fluctuation ±1
Temperature Resolution 0.1
Vacuum Degree ≤133Pa
Input Power 450W 1200W 1400W 2200W 3500W
Working Chamber SizeW×D×H(Mm) 300×300×275 415×370×345 450×450×450 560×600×640 630×510×845
Overall SizeW×D×H(Mm) 615×470×470 830×640×540 615×660×1440 720×805×1680 790×1030×1853
 Capacity 20L           50L 90L 210L 500L
 Support Tray Inner Heating, 1pc Fixed Place Outer Heating, 2pcs Flexible Plate Inner Heating, 2pcs Fixed Plate Inner Heating, 3pcs Fixed Plate Inner Heating, 4pcs Fixed Plate
 Liner Material Stainless Steel
Timing Range 1~9999min
The Vacuum Pump Is Optional Equipped

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