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deflectómetro de caída de peso


Modelo: FWD-L100

normas: ASTM E2835

Technical Specifications

Application Soil type The soil and soil aggregate mixture with size not larger than 1/4 of the plate dia.
Pressure range 10MPa-225MPa
Effective depth Normal condition max 500mm
Falling height 1000mm
Displacement measuring range ±3.5mm
Dynamic force measuring accuracy ±2%
Displacement sensor Geophone velocity sensor
Displacement measuring accuracy ±2%
 Measure device Loading device Total weight 15kg
Drop hammer weight 10kg(can be assembled)
Max impact loading 7.07kn
Impulse loading shape Half sinusoid
Impact duration time 18
Material Zinc-plated steel/ alloy steel
Bearing plate Diameter 300mm
Net weight 15kg
Thickness 20mm
Material Zinc-plate alloy steel
Handheld device Sink testing range 0.1-2.0mm±0.02mm
Specifications 3inch, 100*205*40mm, 0.8kg
Storage amount 2000 groups testing curve
Power supply Lithium battery, 18hrs continuous work time
Printer Wireless Bluetooth printer
Working ambient Temperature -10 ~ +40
Humidity <85%RH
Main machine case Material Engineering plastic
Net weight 4.5kg
Overall dimension 385300
External packing case Material Aluminum alloy
Weight approx. 30kg (including 6kg drop hammer)
Overall dimension 1220


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