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Barro hidrómetro / Arena prueba contenido / viscosímetro

Barro hidrómetro  Arena prueba contenido  viscosímetro


  1. The slurry hydrometer is used to measure the slurry weight either in filed and lab, the unit is g/mm3
  2. The 1006 slurry viscometer is used to measure the drilling liquid slurry viscometer either in field or lab, it test the viscosity by measuring the time needed for flow out 500ml slurry, the unit is second.
  3. The drilling liquids sand content means the percentage of sand that diameter is lager than 0.074mm.The sand content determination set is kind of simple, reliable, accurate measuring set to determine the sand content in the drilling liquids, it uses filter screen method to determine the sand content.

Technical specifications

Item Term Spec.

Slurry hydrometer

Measuring range 0.96~3g/cm3
Measuring accuracy 0.01g/cm3
Slurry cup capacity 140cm3
Overall dimension 500×100×100mm(l*w*h)

1006 Slurry viscometer

Tube size 5mm*100mm(Dia*length)
Water time 15±0.5s
Measuring cylinder capacity 500ml/200ml(two end)
Total weight 2.5kg
Sand content set Filter screen diameter 0.074mm(200mesh)
Glass cylinder capacity 100ml
Sand content 0~20%

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