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0.1mg / 1mg Balanza electrones de densidad



Especificaciones técnicas

Model ZMD-1  ZMD-2
Term  Density / specific gravity  Weighting  Density / specific gravity  Weighting
Measuring range 0-300g/cm3 300g  0 – 100.0000g / cm3  0 -100g
Taring range 0-300g/cm3 300g  0 – 100.0000g / cm3  0 -100g
Measuring accuracy 1mg/cm3 1mg  0.1mg / cm3  0.1mg
Repeat accuracy ± 2mg/cm3 2mg  ±0.2mg / cm3  0.2mg
Measuring mode Automatic calculation  Automatic calculation
Calibration weights  100g 50.000g
Power supply 220V / 50Hz 220V / 50Hz

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